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Virtual Personal Training




It is almost the same as a in-person personal

training session but with a small difference… it is via Zoom.


You will be able to train from the

comfort of your home with a programme designed and adapted to your specific fitness goals and your equipment which you have at your disposal.


You will receive live coaching,

Instructions and feedback.


  • If you do not have access to a gym or a fitness studio

  • if you do not have the time for going to the gym because of location, family etc.

  • If one-two-one Personal training is a bit too expensive

  • if you want to change to a healthier lifestyle

  • get that lean and strong body that you always wanted


  • You will be trained by me via Zoom and have a specific programme tailored exactly for your fitness goals

  • My full time support throughout your fitness journey

  • You’ll receive the support you crave, the accountability you need, and the transformation you’ve wanted for so long.

  • You’ll be able to get the body you want, with a lifestyle of food freedom, and finally break free from constantly “being on a diet”


  • Live Virtual Personal training session with me via Zoom

• Weekly and daily check-in’s to assess progress, gauge success, and make sure this plan is perfect for you, your life, and your life’s demands

• Two extra workouts which you can do on your own whenever we do not have a video session

• Daily access to me via e-mail and Whatsapp (so you’re never on this path alone!)

Let's start smashing your fitness goals and get that beach body ready!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s my first step?

You can apply for a spot on my coaching team by clicking on "Book your Virtual Personal Training Package " which you can see above this section. 

You will then be taken to my contact email, where you can briefly decribe who you are, what your goals are and which package you are interested in.

Do I need a gym membership to become a client?

No! I can create a workout plan custom to you whether you workout at the gym or at home, even with no equipment!

What types of virtual personal training packages are there?

Currently, there are 8 sessions and 12 sessions packages for Virtual Personal Training. There is also a 10 sessions package for couples (2 people).

Do I have to pay straight after I sent my email?

No, payment is made after the correspondence via email and the initial consultation with me.

Do I need any equipment for the sessions?  

In general, no! But ideally if you have dumbbells, elastic bands, gliders, a would be more than good to go! 

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