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16 Weeks Body Transformation Personal Training Package

Trust the process and trust the best Fitness Coach in Hampstead, North West London

In the next 16 weeks, let's dive into a genuine body transformation . This journey is all about sculpting a version of yourself that not only looks great but feels confident, healthy, and vibrant.

Your Big Transformation Goal:

Imagine this – a journey where your reflection in the mirror not only reveals physical changes but also radiates confidence and vitality. We're not just talking about a temporary shift; we're aiming for a substantial, lasting body and mind transformation that touches every aspect of your well-being.

Tailored for Your Success:

No generic training plans or one-size-fits-all approaches. This fitness journey is deeply personal, crafted to address your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. Together, we'll create a roadmap to unveil the best version of yourself.

Comprehensive 48-Session Package:

You will get 48 personal training sessions in this package, not just as workouts, but as intentional steps toward your big  body transformation. And as a special bonus, enjoy 2 free extra workout sessions to add that extra touch of personalization to your experience.

Unveiling Your Unique Transformation:

This isn't about following a routine; it's about achieving your specific transformation goals. As your personal trainer in Hampstead, I, Valentin, will guide you through workouts, nutrition plans, and lifestyle adjustments – all tailored to propel you toward that big transformation you're after.

Crafting a Healthier, Energized, and Confident You:

Together, let's not just aim for physical changes; let's envision a version of you that's not only healthier but also more energized and confident. This journey transcends mere exercise – it's about instilling lasting habits, fostering resilience, and laying the foundation for enduring well-being.

Your Personalized Path to Transformation Starts Now:

Your pursuit of a major transformation begins today, not in some distant future. Join me, and let's witness the evolution of a healthier, more energized, and confident you – a transformation that's uniquely yours.

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You will be trained by one of the best personal trainers in Hampstead and have a specific programme tailored exactly for your fitness goals.

My full time support throughout your fitness journey

You’ll receive the support you crave, the accountability you need, and the transformation you’ve wanted for so long.

You’ll be able to get the body you want, with a lifestyle of food freedom, and finally break free from constantly “being on a diet”

These 16 weeks will be enough for you to make sure you make this your lifestyle and never stop loving exercise!

Improved mental health

injury prevention


16 weeks extremely specific training programme and 48 personal training sessions at UCS Active, Hampstead.

3 personal training sessions per week in our Hampstead gym.

You will also get 2 extra FREE  personal training sessions at the end of these 16 weeks.

Body composition assessment at the beginning of the transformation programme. This includes weight measurements, skeletal muscle check,  body fat percentage, body water and much more

Weekly and daily check-in’s to assess progress, gauge success, and make sure this plan is perfect for you, your life, and your life’s demands

Two extra workouts which you can do on your own whenever we do not have a video session

Daily access to me via e-mail and Whatsapp (so you’re never on this path alone!)

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FAQs about my personal training services:

Is Personal Training Right for Me?

If you're new to the weight room, seeking the best in-gym personal training in Hampstead, North West London, is crucial. I stay abreast of the latest in exercise science, nutrition, and weightlifting to apply cutting-edge principles, ensuring you learn correct form and technique.

As your dedicated personal trainer, I am more than an instructor; I'm your partner in the fitness journey you embarked on for a healthier lifestyle. I will be holding you accountable, adjusting training or diet as needed, and helping you achieve specific goals. For those with over a year of weightlifting experience but in need of a transformative plan, my online personal training program is ideal.

Whether opting for in person personal training sessions in the Hampstead fitness studio or online coaching, I eliminate guesswork from your training, habits, nutrition, and recovery.

 Do I need a Gym Membership?

Your personal training package includes exclusive access to the gym, ensuring a seamless experience for your personal training sessions. I would advice for a membership just because you would be able to do also solo training sessions on your own that will be designed and written from me.

What would our Check-Ins and Accountability look like?

I prioritize accountability with personalized targets and regular check-ins during our personal training sessions. I support you throughout your body transformation journey, providing guidance beyond scheduled sessions. You can feel free to contact me anytime of the day, any day.

Online vs. In-Person Fitness Coaching?

Online coaching offers flexibility, while in-person coaching involves face-to-face personal training sessions at the fitness studio I train my clients in Hampstead. Both have advantages; online coaching is convenient, while in-person allows nuanced interaction.

Will I have nutritional advice and plan during our training programme?

You'll receive a calorie and macronutrient-counted list of daily foods and quantities, tailored to our set parameters.

Can I Dine Out and Drink Alcohol on the Program?

I guide you on maintaining a normal life, allowing you to eat out and enjoy a night with my sustainable transformations in mind. My program includes a protocol for responsible alcohol consumption.

How many training sessions we would be doing? 

No need to train every day; rest is vital for growth and recovery. The number of resistance training sessions aligns with your goals and experience level as well as your availability but most of my clients commit to two or three workout sessions per week plus one or two solo training sessions designed by me.

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