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16 Weeks Body Transformation Personal Training Package

Trust the process and trust the best Fitness Coach in Hampstead, North West London

What does a 'body transformation' really mean at Valentin Personal Training?

Every client has a unique set of goals and circumstances and "body transformation" means different things for our clients at Valentin Personal Training. While these transformations might be impressive, only around 20% of our clients come wanting "six-pack abs" and "lean bodybuilding bodies". For everyone else, it’s a personal journey to regain health, confidence, and vitality. Getting in amazing physical shape along the way is a nice bonus.


Every client who fully commits to the process can achieve something truly astounding. It might not always be the jaw-dropping physical ‘before and after’. But often it is massive, life-changing improvements in blood pressure, insulin management, and mental health, or simply pain-free, confidence-boosting day-to-day living. 


Be part of the unique journey in this specific personal training package. One of the top personal trainers in Hampstead. Join the  16 weeks body transformation program where each client will get a 48 sessions package + 2 free sessions. I as your Personal trainer will do my best to help you in your fitness journey and achieve amazing results! 

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Successful Clients Body Transformations


You will be trained by one of the best personal trainers in Hampstead and have a specific programme tailored exactly for your fitness goals.

My full time support throughout your fitness journey

You’ll receive the support you crave, the accountability you need, and the transformation you’ve wanted for so long.

You’ll be able to get the body you want, with a lifestyle of food freedom, and finally break free from constantly “being on a diet”

These 16 weeks will be enough for you to make sure you make this your lifestyle and never stop loving exercise!

Improved mental health

injury prevention


16 weeks extremely specific training programme and 48 personal training sessions at UCS Active, Hampstead.

3 personal training sessions per week in our Hampstead gym.

You will also get 2 extra FREE  personal training sessions at the end of these 16 weeks.

Body composition assessment at the beginning of the transformation programme. This includes weight measurements, skeletal muscle check,  body fat percentage, body water and much more

Weekly and daily check-in’s to assess progress, gauge success, and make sure this plan is perfect for you, your life, and your life’s demands

Two extra workouts which you can do on your own whenever we do not have a video session

Daily access to me via e-mail and Whatsapp (so you’re never on this path alone!)

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