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Online Fitness Coaching and Body Transformation Package

Break the Mold: Achieve Your Dream Body and Enhance Mental Health through Online Fitness Coaching



After an initial consultation (on zoom), you will receive your personalised programme to train remotely (including instructions and demonstration videos if needed).

You can choose to train at home or at the gym (lf you actually have that choice).

You will receive weekly feedback and your programme will be designed and adapted accordingly for maximal results. You will also get a weekly call in which we can discuss your progress as well as any other alterations we can do to the programme.

Are you ready to end the cycle of dieting and get your life back?

I know how hard is to keep track of every single calorie you take, every single calorie you burn on the treadmill, bike, running, working out in the gym, or whatever activity you are doing. The truth is that as long as you keep everything in balance, with the correct nutrition and fitness guidance, you can live a much healthier and happier life! 

This is why I will create an online training program that suits your needs as well as nutritional guidance to keep you on track while at the same time, you enjoy your life!


My 12 week individual online personal training programme is custom-designed to help you:

Lose weight / Build muscle and strength 

Create habit changes that allow you to stop counting calories


Create mindset changes that sustain those habits so you can stop the yo-yo dieting cycle

Not have to sacrifice the other priorities in your life in order to have a fit physique

Feel proud of yourself because you are the main reason you are achieving your fitness goals

Feel accomplished 

Boost your energy levels and feel more energized throughout the day

Increase your strength and endurance

Improve your flexibility and range of motion

Enhance your athletic performance

Reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity

Improve your mental health and mood

Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem


Achieve your fitness goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way.


You are sick dieting and want to end the restrict/overeat cycle?

Find yourself constantly “falling off the wagon”?

Struggle to get results on your own?

Want to overcome negative self-talk and poor body image?

Are ready to invest in yourself in order to FINALLY reach your fitness goals in a way that doesn’t force you to sacrifice your favourite foods, social life, or happiness?

Be able to learn and make the change yourself! 


Personalized Guidance: I will create a fitness plan that is tailored specifically to you. Your goals, current fitness level, and any limitations will be taken into account. This personalized approach ensures that your journey is realistic and achievable.

Flexible Schedule: With online coaching, you have the freedom to work out whenever it suits you best. No more worrying about conflicting schedules or rushing to make it to a gym session. Fitness can now seamlessly fit into your daily routine.

Constant Accessibility: As your coach, I am always just a message or video call away. Whether you need guidance, motivation, or simply want to discuss any concerns, I am here for you. You'll never feel alone on your fitness journey.

Accountability and Motivation: I will be your cheerleader and accountability partner throughout the process. Regular check-ins, progress evaluations, and positive reinforcement will keep you motivated and on track. We'll celebrate your achievements together, fueling your enthusiasm to keep going.

Educational Resources: Empowering you with knowledge is essential. I will provide you with valuable resources such as exercise demonstrations, nutrition tips, and lifestyle advice. Understanding the "why" behind your choices will empower you to make informed decisions and sustain long-term success.

Variety and Progression: Say goodbye to boredom and plateaus. I will continually introduce new exercises, techniques, and challenges to keep your workouts fresh and exciting. We'll progress together, unlocking your full potential.

Celebrating Your Individual Success: Your achievements matter, and I want you to recognize and take pride in them. You are the one putting in the hard work, and I'll be here to acknowledge and celebrate every step forward. Your success is a testament to your dedication and commitment.


An informative eBook that teaches you how to structure your workouts effectively, including reps, tempo, intensity, and exercise customization.

This ebook will have you guide yourself during the program but it is just to enhance your knowledge. I will completely design all of your training program and we will go through it every week to see where we are progressing more and where less.

A comprehensive MyFitnessPal guidance manual that covers all aspects of using the app, from setting up your goals to tracking nutrition and exercise data for our check-ins.

Integration with the Trainerize app, which will serve as your go-to platform for accessing your personalized training program, complete with exercise demonstration videos and explanations.

24/7 support via WhatsApp and email, providing direct assistance whenever you need guidance or have any concerns.

Weekly check-ins to review your fitness progress, celebrate achievements, and plan for the upcoming week, ensuring continuous growth and adjustment towards your goals.

Alongside your workouts, I will provide guidance on nutrition to support your fitness journey. Whether it's meal planning, healthy eating tips, or addressing specific dietary needs, I will help you make informed choices for optimal results.

Lifestyle Integration: Fitness is not just about exercise but also about incorporating healthy habits into your daily life. I will help you integrate fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering guidance on stress management, sleep optimization, and overall well-being.

Progressive Overload Strategies: I will guide you in implementing progressive overload techniques to continually challenge your body and stimulate growth. This may involve adjusting weights, reps, sets, or exercise variations to ensure ongoing progress and prevent plateaus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s my first step?

You can apply for a spot on my coaching team by clicking on "Get your Online Training Programme " which you can see above this section. 

After you apply, you can choose a time to talk with me for us to determine what would be the best training and personal training programme for you!

Do I need a gym membership to become a client?

No! I can create a workout plan custom to you whether you workout at the gym or at home, even with no equipment!

Will you write me a meal plan?

I do not write or offer meal plans. I provide my clients with a macronutrient and/or calorie goal, along with a grocery list and food suggestions. You choose what you eat to get your results!

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